Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: eOne Music UK

‘Goober’ is the new EP from Lauran Hibberd and it is a slacker pop gem. ‘Bleugh’ not only serves as the first track on ‘Goober’ but also the latest single. With a video that sees Lauran enjoying soft play, it’s apparent that she’s not taking herself too seriously. This break up song plays out over an almost grunge take on beautiful bubblegum pop. With a refrain that says “every time you walk away I get a bit stronger”, you find yourself rooting for Lauran with her honest, witty lyrics.

Lauran’s lyrical prowess continues to show itself in ‘Send Nudes’ telling tales of an ex that has a “dirty photo of me and he stores it on his iPhone 3” all set to a track that is so summery you could catch a tan from it. For this EP, Lauran called in a producer (Suzy Shinn) that has previously produced Weezer and it leans in to her style perfectly. ‘How Am I Still Alive’ is a song that will burrow into your head and may not leave. Featuring The RegrettesLydia Night on guest vocals, her slightly gravelly vocals pairs perfectly with Lauran’s sweet tone.

‘Goober’ is summer time, driving to the beach with the top down and chatting with your best friend as they talk you through their life. With an album in the works, I hope it drops soon because this EP will most likely be on repeat until it arrives

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