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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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The Oslo based rock outfit is bringing forward hard hitting percussion, meaty riffs, and wild vocals with latest single ‘So Low, So High’

Rock n roll is dead right? WRONG! Rock and roll is very much alive and bands such as Law Of All are keeping the genre alive. Like those that came before them, they’re infusing hard hitting percussion, almighty riffs, and agro tinged vocals into one delightful ball of music. There’s no mercy with their sound that comes cascading towards you like a steam train running full tilt.

Their latest single ‘So Low, So High’ epitomises the bands sound and ethos, this is modern rock music that is retrospective yet fresh. It has the hip swinging confidence of the 80’s rock scene fused with the all encompassing sound as bands such as Pulled Apart By Horses or Death From Above 1979. The single revs up line an engine of a classic sports car, letting out an almighty roar followed by a riff that comes bellowing out at breakneck speed. Distorted guitars swarm around the listeners ears, percussion comes hammering down like the hammer of Thor and the reverb-drenched vocals burst through the chaos, giving the listener some stability. Lyrically the track delves into the rock n roll lifestyle that the three men find themselves dabbling in at their hometown of Oslo, Norway.

It’s safe to say that Law Of All are an exciting rock act, one that is sparking the rock n roll flame that lies in all our hearts. A flame that has been perhaps been dulled in recent years, but these Norwegians are bringing hard hitting rock back with avengence.

Watch out for this speeding bullet of rock fury!

Listen to ‘So Low, So High’ here: