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Welsh Artist Lie Supine Offers A Glimpse Of Hope With The Stunning New Single ‘Be Alright’

Like most of us the initial lockdowns became a time of anxiety but also joy, in the sense that we discovered our passions. This is true of the musical journey that Zachariah Storm aka Lie Supine, the project birthed out of the beginning of the pandemic. However, this had been a project that was brewing for some time, as Zachariah had been jamming and writing music long before the pandemic.

Now, Lie Supine is at a point where music is being released and in the process of forming a live band, it’s an incredibly exciting time for the newly emerged North Wales artist. The latest track ‘Be Alright’ is a stunning number that has the heartfelt, emotional, yet uplifting songwriting on show, matched by Zachariah’s stunning vocals. In a time of uncertainty it’s nice to be reminded that everything will be okay.

The day is young for the Welsh artist, but if the calibre of music maintains this high level, there is no doubt Lie Supine will do very well in 2022 and beyond.

Listen to ‘Be Alright’ here:

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