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West London band Lip Filler celebrate their signing to Chess Club Records with the release of their wild new single, ‘Haircut’

Lip Filler have come a long way. In fact, they’ve come all the way from the South West and have ended up living in a flat together above a chicken shop in Shepherd’s Bush. And if the chaos of the music video for ‘Haircut’ is anything to go by, they’re having a pretty wild time. 

‘Haircut’, their first track since signing to Chess Club Records, is a dancey, catchy and characterful indie rock tune. It explores the difficulties of moving from the country to the city: vocalist George Tucker muses “this village kinda sucks” at the beginning of the track, before coming to the conclusion that “this city kinda sucks”. 

Instrumentally, the track is reminiscent of 2000s indie from bands like Foals. The band is consistently tight throughout but really shines in the last part of the song. As the energy climbs to its highest, glitchy synths accompany a building guitar riff, before heavy stabs attack the track, leading to a seriously exciting climax. 

Tucker’s vocals are confident, cheeky and likeable, perfectly fitting the indie aesthetic. If you want an accompaniment that matches the infectious energy of ‘Haircut’, there’s a music video just for you. I won’t spoil it, but I will say that someone gets slapped in the face with a severed hand. Watch it to see for yourself.

Watch/Listen to ‘Haircut’ here:

Out now via Chess Club Records