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George Ward
George Ward

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LA indie rock band Local Natives return with a dreamy and laid-back new single after a summer of sold out shows

After four albums, two performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and appearances at Lollapalooza, Local Natives have become well established as an essential Southern California band. 

This new single, ‘Just Before the Morning’ brings together all the aspects that have brought them this far: a sun-soaked atmosphere, vocal harmonies and a laid back effortlessness. 

From the start of the track, a warmness washes over you. The track is backed by dreamy synths that create that sunset feeling that Local Natives are so good at creating. The instrumentation is reserved and tasteful, with Matt Frazier’s drums keeping the track groovy but laid back and synth lines twinkling above the rest of the sounds. 

The chorus is comprised of two vocal parts. One is a simple refrain, dripping in reverb effects, while the other is a falsetto, autotuned line that, when combined with the first, creates a gorgeously layered chorus. ‘Just Before The Morning’ is all about the atmosphere and the one it creates is psychedelic, relaxed and carefree.

Listen/watch ‘Just Before The Morning’ here: