Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Modern Sky Entertainment

‘Something To Leave The House For’ is the second album from Manchester four piece The Lottery Winners. From the first jolly strains of ‘Favourite Flavour’, ‘Something To Leave The House For’ feels like a celebration. With the combination of uke, xylophone and synth, The Lottery Winners know how to craft a beautifully happy pop tune.

‘Much Better’ takes a bit more of an indie approach with the distorted guitar and that electronic drum sound that was prevalent in 90’s indie. “I still believe in love even though my heart is broke” is the kind of glorious positivity you can expect from ‘Something To Leave The House For’. A grand sing along of “somebody loves you” elevates this song and you can already hear thousands of gig goers screaming it back.

‘Start Again’ is one of two songs on the album to feature a guest and in this instance it’s folk rock icon Frank Turner. The slow burning, plodding verse is reminiscent of Imagine Dragons but the chorus is where the magic happens in ‘Start Again’. It’s all guns blazing with a soaring vocal sitting over a pumping indie rock backing.

The band also boasts a collaboration in the track ‘Bad Things’, which sees 90’s indie heavyweights Sleeper feature. The track is a delightfully ambling and upbeat song with a chorus that’s instantly singable.

‘Something To Leave The House For’ is a beautifully produced indie pop record which flows effortlessly between the lighter and the heavier ends of the spectrum. It’s also the sound of a confident band that has the support of names such as Sleeper and Frank Turner and the songs to back it up. Expect to hear their name everywhere very soon.

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