Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Emotional Interference

‘Life In Miniature’ is the latest album from Oxford quartet Low Island and it is released via Emotional Interference, a label that the band founded themselves.

As the drums of ‘Goodbye Bluefin’ rattle in, they are accompanied by the guitars that each seem to be playing to their own rhythm yet creates a tapestry of interesting layers that works in harmony. The warmth and intimacy of the track is immediate with a groove that is hypnotic. ‘Forever Is Too Long’ shares that same intimacy but when the chorus hits, it’s like the sky opens up and you’re hit by bright sunlight. The gorgeous vocals collide with the softly played instruments and layers of gentle noise to lend the song an ethereal tone.

It’s not all Radiohead style intimacy, Low Island also show their ability to glide between genres with the hypnotic house-style of ‘Robin’ and the tightly wound indie of ‘You & Me’. Though these styles seem polar opposites, Low Island seem to create a thread through them that pulls them together. The joyous synth pop of ‘Kid Gloves’ is an absolute highlight with an infectious energy and a beat that will take you over.

With ‘Life In Miniature’, Low Island have announced themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Touching on indie, house, synth pop and electronica, ‘Life In Miniature’ is an album full of beautiful moments and a production that makes the music erupt from your speaker in a flurry of glitter and lights. That the band are carving their own path by creating their own label and doing things their own way just makes it that much more sincere and beautiful.

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