Review | Lucern Raze – Happy & Astray EP


Released – 22nd September

By Kieran Webber

Following a US tour around SXSW and Burgerama Lucern Raze spent the summer working on new music in his hometown of Stockholm, and a first taste of it comes in the form of the Happy & Astray EP, which is out now via PNKSLM Recordings. Taking on a poppier approach than before Happy & Astray finds Lucern Raze in prime form, all effortless melodies and waves of distortion.

What they have managed as a band to create with this EP is an upbeat, summer – loving groove sensation, from the catchy reverbed guitar down to the vocals draped in teenage angst it is sure to make a fan out of you.

Listen to the self titled track “Happy & Astray”:

The four track EP is great from beginning to end, particularly the end but not because it finishes but due to the fact the finishing song is by far the strongest, it really shows the band’s potential to blow the roof off.