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The newly formed indie-shoegaze outfit from Cornwall/Bristol have just dropped their debut single ‘Tides’

Many things wash up on the shores of Cornwall and the county is not short of creative types using the dramatic coastline as influence. One said band of seadogs is the newly emerged indie-shoegaze outfit Lyra’s Orchid, with members based in Newquay and Bristol.

The band recently dropped their debut single ‘Tides’, a gentle, emotive, and daringly infectious track. The guitars build slowly to start, then quickly open up to a flurry, making way for Laura Netting’s elegant vocals. The guitars ebb and flow throughout, creating a whirling sensation, similar to how the oceans work. It’s beautifully presented. As the track continues the band boasts their ability to craft a slow burner, building in momentum as the track heads to it’s explosive conclusion. Then, as you are lifted by the wave of guitars, you dropped and eased out by the running bass line, leaving the listener exhausted, yet satisfied.

Speaking on the track vocalist, Laura Netting explains: “Tides was inspired by the ever changing sea, its gentleness but also its power. It feels related to everyday life recently, how relentless it can be and how exposed that can make you feel.”

This release is just the beginning of Lyra’s Orchid‘s path, there’s much more to come and we’re on the edge of our seats to hear it.

Listen to ‘Tides’ here:

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