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Australia’s Mathilde Ann brings the pop to pop-punk in her latest single ‘I’ve Had Enough’

The Australian artist who hails from Melbourne has come out firing on all cylinders with her latest single ‘I’ve Had Enough’. It balances the sweet spot between pop and pop-punk, creating a sound that is equal parts riotous and sugary sweet. However, although sweet in flavour this track is an incredibly powerful rallying call against toxic relationships. The song picks the listener up by the feet, dusts them off and helps them find power and love.

”I’ve Had Enough’ starts with a hazy intro with the muffled vocals of Mathilde Ann, this quickly opens up to an explosive barrage of guitars and percussion. As the song progresses Mathilde’s vocals gain clarity and soar throughout, it’s a truly powerful release. The message is incredibly clear, lyrics such as “How does it feel to bring me down, what? don’t want to be seen with me now” strike through the music, leaving the listener to contemplate the relatability. This may be Mathilde Ann‘s second release, but her songwriting is leaps and bounds ahead of her peers.

Speaking on the single Mathilde Ann says: “When you’re young and grow up in environments where you’re not shown healthy ways to behave in a relationship, it tends to warp your perception of what it means to be loved or be in love. It’s easy to think you aren’t enough, or that the way you are being treated is normal when general portrayals of relationships mirror these kinds of toxic interactions. ‘I’ve Had Enough’ stemmed from the realisation that I wasn’t doing what was best for me, because I wanted to feel ‘loved’ or ‘worthy’.”

Listen to ‘I’ve Had Enough’ here: