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Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.


Having released the title track last month, Amsterdam-based artist Mazey Haze now releases her debut EP.

While Mazey cites her influences as bands such as ABBA and Tears For Fears, her music feels more modern than that. Finding its footing in indie pop, Mazey’s music is a dreamy summer’s day set to guitar.

Opener ‘Sad Lonely Groove’ comes complete with airy synth, wandering bass and Mazey’s lush vocals all set to a beat that drives it forward and forces your toe to tap. This template sets the stage for the rest of Always Dancing’ with ‘Headspin’ feeling like a tribute to the 80’s with it’s lo-fi synth and chorus drenched guitar covering the upbeat drums like a blanket. ‘Don’t Care’ and ‘Start Off Alone’ follow up with perfect slices of indie dream pop. The EP is rounded out by previous single and title track ‘Always Dancing’ which feels like a nod to some of their influences as a tribute to 80’s dream pop, utilising the jangly, reverb laden guitars that feels like it’s drawing from shoegaze to make the sound a lush soundscape.

The ‘Alway Dancing’ EP brings the dream to dream pop as synth’s lay a beautiful foundation for the twinkling guitars to intertwine with and let Mazey’s vocals float and swim over the top. Mazey Haze is an act to watch as she creates beautiful layers to peel back and enjoy with her lush vocals being the icing on the cake. And this is only just the beginning.

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