Amy Colman

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Label: Think Twice Records

Rating: 4 out of 5.

‘And… Beyond’ is the debut EP for Black Country-raised and Bristol-formed band, Melotone, marrying tropicalia and psychedelia within a collection of dulcet tones and energetic instrumentals. With a subdued mix of textural, ambient melodies, the EP’s lyrics find comfort in their search for identity and place, eventually settling between the lines of scenes and genres with contentment, together. 

The EP opens with the dreamy strumming and mellow beats of ‘Fields’ that soon accommodate lead singer Alec Madeley’s Jeff Buckley-esque voice. The band, whose roots originate in the industrialised landscape of the Black Country, drifts between genres of folk, jazz and soul throughout the EP, existing between the blurred lines of the genres which influence them. 

The EP’s third track, ‘Running Cold’ is reminiscent of Radiohead’s instrumentalism with guitarist Pete Carey playing around with an eclectic mix of guitar sounds, all while maintaining the signature subdued energy that the entire EP is enriched with.

‘And… Beyond’, released earlier this year and the namesake of the EP, ties the songs together with a groovy and jazzy bow. Sure to be on repeat this summer, the song dips further into the bands Tropicalia inspirations and crosses over into Madeley’s native tongue with seductive Portuguese lyrics.

With a bright melody and Madeley’s sublimely sweet crooning, the song feels like a warm wind in your hair; the perfect anthem for those balmy, mellow nights of summer. 

Listen to ‘And… Beyond’ here:

Watch the video for ‘Running Cold’ here: