Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Because Music Ltd.

Metronomy are back with a new album, ‘Small World’, and easing in with Casio keyboard drum beats, reverb drenched pianos and Beatles production style vocals, it seems to be a tamer beast than previous records.

While some may deem it a risky tactic to start the album with a whisper rather than a roar, ‘Life and Death’ is a beautiful start to the record and eases you in gently. The upbeat sounding track is offset by lyrics such as “it’s fun what I did. Got a job, had some kids. See you in the abyss” which lends a nice dichotomy to what feels like a wistful song.

‘Things Will Be Fine’ is another laidback track and, although bouncier and more upbeat, the acoustic guitar and piano take the foreground in this song. ‘It’s Good To Be Back’ is more familiar territory for Metronomy. This lo fi pop gem feels like a celebration as the title suggests. Still sticking with the acoustic guitar, the thumping kick drum and fluttering synth pick the track up and makes it fly.

Hold Me Tonight’ welcomes Porridge Radio in to a subtle feature that maintains Metronomy’s summery vibe and invites Dana from Porridge Radio to share vocal duties.

Throughout ‘Small World’, Metronomy rarely push their foot down on the accelerator and instead rely on subtlety and song craftsmanship to get their message across. Each song explores slightly in a different direction musically but never in a jarring way. ‘Small World’ has all the warmth of a cosy blanket, all the good vibes of a summer day and shows Metronomy in a new fantastic light.

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