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Manchester Art Rock group Mewn drop ‘Swell‘, a relaxed but playful single from their upcoming EP, ‘Such As This

Swell’ is the new track from Mewn. The latest release comes hot off supporting The National in Manchester this summer and two previous single releases.

Swell’ is a beautiful song. It has a melancholy feel to it but its playful instrumentation keeps the track moving at a patient but forward pace. Frontman Daniel Bluer describes the track as “about control and lack of it, hurtling around without the ability to change the direction.” The nostalgic tone of the track perhaps reflects this feeling, with the relaxed sound suggesting that we accept this lack of control and go with it.

The piano throughout the track gives it a lot of its character. It is simple but fun and right at the front of the mix, almost like it’s dueting with Daniel Bluer’s reserved but emotional vocals. Bluer’s lyrics are romantic and nostalgic, matching the tone of the instruments perfectly.

The track is very patient instrumentally, with the build up being slow but very satisfying. Backing vocals come and go, guitars slide up and down effortlessly and synthy drones build up, eventually swallowing the track by the end. 

Although the track may be about our lack of control, this is certainly not the case for Mewn here; they are in complete control of their pace, tone and, most importantly, the emotions that they want to evoke.

‘The new EP, ‘Such as This‘, is out on October 7th via Simonie Records

Listen to ‘Swell’ here:

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Left of the Dial Festival, Rotterdam – 20th October