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The New York City Collective Have Come Bursting Out Of The Big Apple With News Of Their New Album & Shared The New Single ‘EXPIRATION DATE’

NYC collective MICHELLE first burst out of the big apple and onto the scene with their self-released, coming of age album ‘HEATWAVE’ in 2018. Since then they have found themselves signed with labels Transgressive Records in the UK and Canvasback in the US, braced a pandemic, and got us hooked again on their signature synthesizer sizzlers.

Now, with just under a month to go until their sophomore album ‘AFTER DINNER WE TALK DREAMS’ is released, MICHELLE have teased us even further with their latest single ‘EXPIRATION DATE’. Delivering as much colour as its single cover, ‘EXPIRATION DATE’ brings that woozy summer feeling to a cold winter’s day. Completely laced with vibrancy and youth, the layered harmonies and soft percussion help transport you away from the doom and gloom currently around and instead treat us to two and a half minutes of bliss. Following fellow released singles ‘SYNCOPATE and ‘MESS U MADE’, the collective prove they’re a force to be reckoned with, revelling in 90’s R&B influences and a reinvented sense of bedroom pop.

Luckily for us, MICHELLE do not have an expiration date and will be heading to the UK in February before supporting the one and only Mitski on her US tour beginning in March.

Watch/listen to ‘EXPIRATION DATE’ here:

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