Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Stones Throw Records

‘Going, Going, Gone’ is the latest album from Alex Brettin under his moniker Mild High Club. From opener ‘Kulges l’ it’s evident that this will be an interesting listen. With a mix of R&B and jazz, the end result is all smooth chords, seemingly sporadic drum patterns and freedom in what’s being played. It’s an intriguing mix and one that Mild High Club use to great effect on ‘Going, Going, Gone’.

Throughout the album there are twists and turns as Brettin switches genres on a dime. ‘Trash Heap’ is a laid back lounge song interspersed with odd synth sounds, ‘Taste Tomorrow’ is dreamy trip hop with free form jazz piano laced through it and, with shuffling drums and a swing to it, ‘A New High’ feels like it’s coming straight from a Cuban jazz club. ‘It’s Over Again’ feels more like an indie dance track with bouncing drums, brass section and computerised synth sounds. Even though there are multiple styles at play, it all seems to be unified in an overall sound that feels distinctly Mild High Club.

The common theme that seems to hold ‘Going, Going, Gone’ together is the feeling that anything goes. Rooted in jazz with the exploratory sounds, piano making use of every key and instruments jumping in and out, ‘Going, Going, Gone’ takes you on a journey. A journey where you never quite know what’s coming next. So whether you’re a fan of jazz, electronica, laid back indie, trip hop or just about anything else, put your headphones on, hit play on ‘Going, Going, Gone’ and enjoy.

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