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Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Cornish five-piece Mothman, The Man are back again with ‘1000 Eyes’ and they waste little time in giving you an aural battering. As the sole guitar of ‘Tearless’ teeters in, all seems well. When the rest of the band join though, it hits like a weight in your chest. Like a doom laden, psych-infused, grunge barrage, the heaviness in the production will put your speakers to the test as the band weaves between genres with reckless abandon.

‘Hugo’ and ‘Cult of Bone’ both have an unsettling jauntiness to them as shambling verses give way to more monstrous sounding choruses. Mothman, The Man ease up on you a little with ‘Tomb’ which swirls around you. A soft track which trades the brutal tones and heaving percussion for gently strummed guitar and keys that wash around you, it’s a brief respite before normal service resumes. That normal service is, of course, to bruise your speakers.

‘Topographical Face’ comes in like a freight train as the weight of the sound threatens to burst through your speaker. With ‘1000 Eyes’ Mothman, The Man have yet again managed to blend grunge and psychedelia seamlessly with a dose of heaviness which takes a deft hand to turn into songs this bruising.

Their Spotify profile says “they are trying to melt your face, expand your mind and make an unholy racket along the way”. Mission accomplished.

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