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Brighton post-punk poets Mules return succinctly with poignent second single ‘The Things We Learn In Books’

The post-punk poets from Brighton Mules return with semi-spoken word single ‘The Things We Learn In Books’. It continues the bands fiery delivery and biting lyricism which now turns its lens towards the education. Throughout our lives we are taught a lot, but it’s not always information that can help you genuinely in life. As singer and lyricist Tommy Vincent explains: “The Things we Learn in Books is all about the things we CAN’T really learn from books. I have an MA in political philosophy but I still feel like a fucking idiot most of the time. No matter how many phrases and concepts you learn it doesn’t mean shit when life throws something powerful at you – a friend commits suicide, a lover leaves you etc. When that happens your books aren’t much use.”

‘The Things We Learn In Books’ opens with a dark and brooding bass line that is backed by striking guitars, it’s an overwhelming sound. Through the noise comes the scathing, spoken word lyricism, commanding the listener’s attention. There’s a sense of unease throughout, creating a feeling of unpredictability, especially as we near the chorus. As Vincent’s gruff howls burst through the spoken word you’re thrown into a sudden jolt of excitement. This momentum maintains itself to the very end, a real ebb and flow of energy that is bewilderingly alluring.

Mules continue to impress with their second single and further solidify their ability to create music that is eye openingly poignent. ‘The Things We Learn In Books’ is at its core true mastercraft of punk poetry.

Listen/watch ‘The Things We Learn In Books’ here:

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