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Singer-Songwriter Nathaniel Paul has returned with the thought provoking new single ‘Turpentine’, taken from the forthcoming sophomore album

The uber chilled out singer-songwriter Nathaniel Paul has returned with the thought provoking single ‘Turpentine’, the second track taken from his forthcoming sophomore album (spring 2022 via AWAL).

In his latest sonic adventure Nathaniel invites us into a place of reflection and invites the listener to “dream of a better life”. Which I am certain this is something we’re all doing during these uncertain and frankly, somewhat worrying times. Paul asks that maybe we can do this whole society thing a bit better, maybe, just maybe we need to put the foot on the brakes and reassess.

It’s a simple yet extremely effective track that musically soothes the listener with it’s lo-fi guitar, subtle percussion, and warm vocals. It brings the listener into a relaxed state which allows for Nathaniel Paul‘s lyrical content to enter your thoughts. It’s rare and a real talent to write a song that relaxes you and invokes deep questions in the same breath. It’s just another example of his fantastic songwriting ability that is always shining throughout his music, particularly in this release.

As Nathan explains: “The song explores the homogeneity that is being forced upon us from the world at large. It’s time to examine the conveyor belt that is moving us along – and start asking some questions.”

I urge you to take 3 minutes out of your day, find a cosy corner and whack ‘Turpentine’ on and allow Nathaniel Paul to invoke your curious side.

Listen/watch ‘Turpentine’ here:

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