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Michi Rieder, or as his preferred moniker Nikolaus Wolf has plenty of stories to tell, especially in recent times. Wolf in the past few years, like all of us had survived a pandemic, battled off a tumor, and brought his second son into the world. If that wasn’t impressive enough, his DIY workspace was cruelly lost in a house fire, it’s safe to say that Nikolaus Wolf has been rolling with the punches.

None of this has deterred him though, if anything it has just given him more ammunition to keep striving forward. It wasn’t long till Wolf picked up his instruments and wrote his latest song ‘Easy Riders’, a song that reflects on his recent fire disaster.

‘Easy Riders’ is a heat tinged track that is bursting with 60’s psychedlia, so much so it’s hard to beleive Nikolaus is from Germany, and not the outback of the California desert. It’s a retrospective track that has all the elements required to create a sun-tinged psychedelic guitar track. ‘Easy Riders’ opens with subtle plucks of the sitar, whilst a blistering guitar sweeps through, making space for Wolf’s deep yet warm vocals.

Nikolaus Wolf harnesses a sound that transcends borders and acts as a modern day bridge between the golden age of psychedlia and today. You cannot help but get lost in the whirling soundscape created in his latest single.

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