Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

Melbourne six piece, and Clunk favourites, Ocean Alley are back with album number four, ‘Low Altitude Living’ and with it they bring a slice of Australian sun. Sitting in their own little corner of the musical universe, Ocean Alley bring in rock, lounge, indie and psychedelia together to create a sun tinged soundtrack that is as laid back as the sun lounger you should be in while listening to ‘Low Altitude Living’.

Songs like ‘Simple Pleasures’ and ‘Touch Back Down’ take off and soar in the choruses with vocalist Baden Donagal’s powerful yet beautiful voice on full display. ‘Parking Fines’ flexes Ocean Alley’s rock muscle as the relaxed verse gives way to a gargantuan chorus that packs a punch before subsiding back in to the mournful verse. That isn’t the only showcase of Ocean Alley’s ability to craft a powerful chorus however.

‘Deepest Darkness’ sees drummer Tom O’Brien unleashed on his kit as he adds weight to the verse with guitarist’s Mitch Gilbrain’s chorus drenched guitar keeping it reigned in until the chorus hits with the force of a crashing wave.

The vibe running throughout ‘Low Altitude Living’ is definitely a chilled one accentuated by Baden’s gliding vocals and the guitars that are coated in reverb and chorus to give them that floating feeling. You can feel your toes dipping in the sea as the likes of the lilting ‘Drinks and Cigars’ drifts out of the speakers. It’s little wonder that Ocean Alley are picking up awards and topping charts like Triple J’s hot 100 with the talent on offer in the band. The album may be called ‘Low Altitude Living’ but this album will send you flying.