Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

‘Cityscape The Ballet’ is the debut EP from Dublin four piece Odd Morris and it is already seeing the band pick up pace with support from the likes of BBC Radio 6 and Radio X.

From the outset, Odd Morris seem deft at weighing their music with emotion. Opener ‘Rose Like Smoke’ sees each member join in turn and add a new layer and feel to the song. The dual guitars never attack you but rather support each other in creating an atmosphere that is then anchored by the powerful drums.

As ‘Cityscape The Ballet’ unfolds, the guitars have an almost indie feel to them in that they are happy to float around the track and not jump at you. There is however something inherently post punk about the tone and the heart of it and this can be attributed in part to the drums. Each track on the EP sees the drums never sit comfortably on a standard beat, instead pounding the toms in to submission or creating some interesting new beat.

‘The Once Was Enough’ is hypnotic in its drum work, once again seeing the guitars weave in and out and the bass keeping everything centred. All to create a base for the vocals which are vulnerable yet powerful and all the while stunning. With the repetitive hypnotism of post punk bands like Fontaines DC, Odd Morris seem to bring in elements of indie and shoegaze to create a sound which is completely their’s. So listen to ‘Cityscape The Ballet’, because when everyone is talking about Odd Morris you can say you got there first.

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