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Oh Majester drop the first of several self-produced new singles coming this year, ‘Sequin’: a sad but witty indie-rock tune

Oh Majester are an indie band from Cornwall. They have made appearances at Boardmasters, Looe and Little Orchard festivals and have welcomed Brendon James as their new drummer, with this being his first track with the band.

‘Sequin’ is a satisfying indie-rock tune with sad but witty lyrics and a powerful vocal performance from Martin Burn. He’s a great frontman and you can never quite guess where his melody is going to go next. 

Instrumentally, the track starts out slow, with only a soft glistening synth that is then joined by Mark Russell’s pounding bass line. As the song develops, its sound gets bigger with a satisfying and classic indie chorus. 

The lyrics are the highlight of this track. They are both tragic and funny with Burn opening with “The greatest trick I ever pulled was convincing all my friends that I’m kind.” His wit and intimate observations are present throughout the song and they sound a lot more lyrically confident than many bigger bands out there. 

Listen to ‘Sequin’ here:

Catch Oh Majester at The Chintz in Falmouth on Saturday March 19th. 

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