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The musical bandits that are Opus Kink return with The Unrepentant Soldier’, taken from their forthcoming EP

The sound bandits that are Opus Kink return to us with offerings from afar with their latest single ‘The Unrepentant Soldier’, the second single from their forthcoming EP. Much like their previous single ‘I Love You, Baby’, it carries an uneasy frenetic atmosphere that is wildly alluring.

‘The Unrepentant Soldier’ meanders into the fray with a sharp percussive beat that is whisked up in the keys and guitar, creating a space for the uneasy vocals of Angus Rogers. This slow movement continues to gather speed throughout the track, until it reaches the point of no control. The band let loose a flurry of cries and screeches, backed by an untamed brass section. This momentum of building energy that leads to an explosive conclusion is present throughout the single, coming in waves. It blasts the listener back into the chair, creating an atmosphere if unpredictability. Which is where Opus Kink find their true mastery, in the ability to surprise and wow the listener with each release.

Speaking about ‘The Unrepentant Soldier’ the band explain the track as “Appraisal of remorseless evil in the key of C minor. Some men just want to watch the world burn, others want to teach the children how to stoke the fire, some just want to get it all over with under a shady tree… our hero wants all of this and what he wants he gets. Salud!”

This release is just yet another reason why we are so infatuated with Opus Kink, and why they’re fast becoming one of the country’s most fascinating bands. There’s no doubt that after a successful 2022, Opus Kink are going to be on the minds and lips of almost everyone.

Listen to ‘The Unrepentant Soldier’ here:

Out now via Nice Swan Records