By Tom Tozer

Rating: 10/10

“A sandy stoked spaceship wizard has embarked on a journey to Planet Earth.” Gold Coast, Australia’s indie pop-rock group Peach Fur drop a second EP since their 2015 release ‘Pleasures & Necessities’ which birthed tracks such as ’Glimmer’, ‘Days Go By’ and this four pieces wonderful talent to the world.  

‘Awake’ is a wondrous and enjoyable experience, inspiring feelings towards long walks and good times.

Starting off the five-track EP ‘Does it really matter’ sets the trend for the release, uplifting the listener throughout the track. Speaking the truth that everybody should just be friends. The world would be a better place if this was the case.

Followed by, ‘Aliens’ a more cruisy track than the last, yet still brings an uncontrollable jig. The writer clearly believes in aliens asking them to come on down. They would certainly be more tempted by a groove like this.  

‘Preloved’ is the most vocally emotional track on the EP, it’s also the track that will bring everyone to the dance floor. With vocals suggesting a past relationship. A simple yet sweet drum beat. With a tasty, subtle and silky riff allowing the listener to go into a headspace that induces a smile that will last for a long time. Singing this one after you’ve heard it for hours would be understandable.

Moving over to a super funky bass riff beginning track ‘Fuckn Oaf’. This song hits your ears straight away causing uncontrollable head swinging, swaying, and joy. That put together with a banging drum beat and some shredding guitar, this track is the most rock and roll of them all.  

The final track ‘Alpaca Rompa’ is a fast-paced fun-filled frenzy of music that is the perfect way to end this EP with many twists and turns throughout. An impressive guitar riff leads this track, evolving throughout. Followed by some wicked drumming taking the audience on a musical adventure that nobody wants to end. But sadly the EP ends here.  

‘Awake’ looks to be a huge step forward for Peach Fur and hopefully will take them to the top. The band has embarked on a UK tour once before and it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if they decided to take this EP overseas. 

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