Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: The Industry

Personal Trainer are a seven-piece collective from Amsterdam with frontman Willem Smit at the helm and a number of artists coming and going to flesh out the rest of the band.

‘Big Love Blanket’ is their debut album, and it is about as strong a debut as you’ll find. Self-titled track ‘Big Love Blanket’ starts proceedings simply, starting with just vocals and adding members every couple of bars until the whole gang’s here and ready to start the party. ‘The Lazer’ comes clattering in soon after and swaps between jangly indie with singalong group vocals to a super tight verse that sounds reminiscent of The Hold Steady. From there, Personal Trainer takes you through the Gang of Four and LCD Soundsystem crossover you never knew you needed in ‘Rug Busters’, the slow swing of ‘Milk’ and the noisy, bouncy shoutalong of ‘Key of Ego’.

Throughout ‘Big Love Blanket’ Personal Trainer pull so many genres and sounds into their own beautifully crafted corner of the musical universe. Each track sounds different to the last and yet the album as a whole has a gorgeous flow to it with each song feeling like a chapter of a larger story rather than songs thrown together. Moreover, ‘Big Love Blanket’ feels like the beginning of something massive for Personal Trainer, your new favourite band.