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The solo project fronted by Adam Hailstone brings forward dreamy instrumentation and thought provoking songwriting in new single ‘M.A.D. (Movies Almost Over)’

Pink Films is the musical solo project from singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Hailstone, who blends synth driven beats with indie surf rock. Creating lush melodies and a mellow atmosphere, Pink Films music is a real hybrid that constantly delights.

His latest single ‘M.A.D. (Movies Almost Done)’ is no exception. Opening with an eclectic synth that is complimented by an 80’s washed out guitar, it’s a daringly retrospective sound. As the guitars and synths butter you up, the Phil Collins-esque vocals breeze through. You cannot help but be whisked away to palm lined beaches and memories of a sun kissed summer. The upbeat tempo and positivity that is intertwined throughout the music dance gracefully with the slightly more emotive feel of the lyrics. The track talks of a relationship cascading toward the inevitable end, something that is incredibly relatable.

For an artist that created music with no intention of releasing it to the public, it carries an otherworldly confidence that is completely infectious. We can certianly count ourselves as fans who are glad that Pink Films decided to make the jump and let the world hear his thoughts, feelings, and of course sweet jams.

Listen to ‘M.A.D. (Movies Almost Done)’ here:

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