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pinkpirate shares new single and video ‘Can We Talk About The Past Instead?’ and announces new EP ‘i don’t want to grow up boring’

20-year-old Bognor Regis musician and producer Caitlin Brown, who releases music under the moniker pinkpirate, has shared new single ‘Can We Talk About The Past Instead?’, taken from their forthcoming EP ‘i don’t want to grow up boring’.

The EP was co-produced by Bullion (Nilüfer Yanya, Orlando Weeks, Westerman, Joviale) and will be released on October 28th via [PIAS] Recordings.

‘Can We Talk About The Past Instead?’ follows pinkpirate’s previous singles ‘Daisy’ and Do You Want It All?’, which will all appear on the upcoming EP.

‘Can We Talk About The Past Instead?’ tackles darker themes than pinkpirate has ever delved into before,seeing them singing candidly about their anxieties surrounding the passing of time.

They said of the track: “I wrote ‘Can We Talk About The Past Instead?’ about the fear I’ve always had about growing up. I wanted it to be the fun song on the EP, inspired by Charli XCX and other more ‘avant-pop’ artists. She continues: “I’ve always wanted to talk about my anxiety surrounding growing up within a song and I think the lyrics capture the ideas around the pressure to grow up and not be boring or simple, but simultaneously about how once you get to a certain age, you don’t really seem to matter to society anymore (especially on social media). The song originated as a bit of a joke as one of my friends wanted to scream on a song I wrote, so I got her to send me audio of her screaming and then wrote the first verse around that…”

pinkpirate cites Rina Sawayama as a particular hero of theirs due to her embodiment of representation in the industry, and you can hear her influence within their music, particularly on ‘Can We Talk About The Past Instead?’.

The sound of the track has a DIY-feel, with the bouncy instrumental, pitch-shifted vocals and distorted bass which recalls back to the rise of hyperpop in 2020, an era when people were discovering the art of producing and creating their own music from their living rooms rather than utilising studio spaces.

pinkpirate’s background story seems to also resonate with this period, emerging from a regional setting that is disconnected from any larger music scenes, but using this to bring a unique and refreshing perspective and voice to the industry.

Listen to ‘Can We Talk About The Past Instead?’ here: