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Irish singer-songwriter Pio Hartnett dazzles with emotive new single ‘Roses’.

The Irish artist has had an interesting relationship with music across the year. Pio never really saw it as anything more than a hobby, it certainly wasn’t something you could pursue as a career. Yet a few years later, after travelling across Canada and graduating with from Maynooth University (reading Philosophy and English Literature), Pio decided to head to Dublin to pursue his dream of becoming musician.

It wasn’t long before Pio started to find success within his music, the debut single ‘Dark Blossom’ quickly racked up thousands of streams and radio play across Ireland. The writing was on the wall and it was clear to see that Pio had a talent for writing beautiful honest and emotive music that easily resonates with an audience.

Fast forward to 2022 and Hartnett has released the stunning new single ‘Roses’, a beautiful track that reflects on life in your twenties. This wonderfully honest songwriting is accompanied by a fiery acoustic guitar and soaring violin from friend Neil Mather. All these elements dance eloquently together, creating a real gut wrenching yet positive release.

Speaking on the track Pio explains:  “It’s a song about being in your twenties, feeling like you should probably be in a some amazing great relationship by now like everyone else seems to be… and then remembering that you can’t force these things.” Adding: “It seemed like a good song to kick things off with. I’ve spent a few years thinking about what kind of songs I want to share with the world. Learning to write. Learning about harmonies, and lyrics. I feel ready to begin now.”

‘Roses’ is the first single taken from Pio Hartnetts forthcoming debut single, which is penned for release late this year.

Listen to ‘Roses’ here:

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