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Rising Scottish Outfit Pizza Crunch Return With Their Anthemic New Single ‘Motivational Substances’

The Glasgow based indie outfit Pizza Crunch have come out cascading with their riotous new single ‘Motivational Substances. The band have been on a conquerors path throughout the UK and Europe, playing sold out shows at King Tuts, Glasgow and a memorable performance at Rotterdam’s Left Of The Dail. With each release and show the band grow and expand their sound, it’s exciting to watch.

The bands latest single ‘Motivational Substances’ is no exception, as the blend of slacker vocals and whirling guitars creates a sound that is equal parts fresh and retrospective. There’s elements of 80’s post-punk blended with the nonchalant sounds of the Britpop era.

Opening with a barrage of guitars that soften to allow for the deep, crooning vocals of Ewan Hearns whisk the listener away. This leads to the hook laden chorus that demands to be sang back at the band, this is a track that will have crowds bouncing off the walls live. All the elements come together in this release, creating a fun, bouncy number that will no doubt become a fan favourite.

Speaking on the track vocalist and guitarist Ewan Hearns explains: “The lyrics kind of stemmed from looking at previous years of your life and realising how alien they seem. Looking at your past self can seem like looking at a different person all together, regardless of whether it’s in a positive or negative way. When Nathan sent me the music I quite liked the idea of having the verses follow a 3rd person perspective and then change to a 1st person during the rowdy chorus. I suppose I’m kind of romanticising the points in the past where the routine of over consuming certain substances was just a bit of a laugh, whereas now that kind of hedonism has become a bit more serious. I always like when writers change to the first person during a song, it seems like their agreeing to be honest, for a brief period.”

Listen to ‘Motivational Substances’ here:

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