Review | Politburo – Barrington Way


Out August 19th via Leonard Skully Records

Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

The Manchester band has been tickling peoples eardrums with their psyched out -freak beats since the late 90’s, drawing inspiration from the early greats such as The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.

The band diverge through a variety of psychedelic sub genres with masterful ease whether it be psych folk or riff filled tangents that throw you deep into another realm. Politburo always deliver and ‘Barrington Way’ is a shining example of the bands mystic talent.

Opening with edgy ‘Umm, Rhombus?’ a track that is constantly shifting its sound by darting between ethereal vocals and riotous guitar work, throwing you into a chasm of uncertainty. Following this is the tranquil ‘Deep, Down, Deep’ a coherent and beautifully constructed number that boasts the bands folk elements.

The area in which the band shine the most is when they delve into the unknown, spurring sounds that are almost haunting and unnatural. This untamed surrealism is particularly heard through ‘Breeze’ and ‘Her Long Shadow’ and The Beatles inspired ‘Zoo’s Of The World, each track bringing forward its own unique level of strange.

Through the album you will hear the warming vocals from French singer/songwriter Chloe Sancho who contributes to well over half the tracks on the album, but shines brightest on ‘C’est Moi’ a stunning example of how the artists sounds blend.

Overall ‘Barrington Way’ is a more subtle take on rock/pop and psychedelia in comparison to the onslaught of tangible riffs that most psych acts bring to the table, as opposed to trying to blow your mind Politburo wish to infiltrate it. It is a refreshing take that blends the best elements of new and old, creating  cocktail of surreal tranquility with an eerie edge.