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George Ward
George Ward

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Brighton’s Public Body Return With Raucous New Single ‘Reset My Password’, Taken From Their Forthcoming EP

Public Body release their new single, ‘Reset My Password’, leading up to the release of their new EP, ‘Flavour Of Labour’. The Brighton band come from supporting Squid and Dry Cleaning and, listening to this new track, it’s not hard to see why.

‘Reset My Password’ is a frantic and energetic banger. It’s a delightfully infectious track that brings the listener back for seconds, and thirds!

The track is driven by Steven’s playful opening bass line and Mills’ relentless drums with Seb Gilmore’s nonplussed vocals on top. The band describe ‘Reset My Password’ as a track that “fuses the energy of noughties indie with the ferocity of modern post-punk” and their influences are unmissable.

The lyrics are witty, describing the mundanity of working life and the need to “reset your password” or, in other words, give yourself a jolting change. Speaking on the upcoming EP, lead singer and guitarist Seb Gilmore describes the mundanity of his own working experience in Brighton and the dead-end lifestyle of working in a call centre. As he repeats the question, “Do I adhere to company policy?”, you can feel this boredom and the song feels even more triumphant as a statement against this kind of life.

Public Body’s new EP, ‘Flavour of Labour’, will be self-released on 4th March 2022 and the band have several live shows around the release.