Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Modern Sky UK

After a lengthy live run through the UK and a sell out hometown gig, Liverpool’s Red Rum Club release their third album ‘How To Steal The World’ and it is a joy.

From the opener and lead single ‘Drown’, Red Rum Club explode in a cloud of colour. With the brass section backing up the singalong “La la la’s”, it becomes clear early on that Red Rum Club are here to spread good vibes through their music.

The following track ‘Love Me Like You Want To Be Loved’ is a thunderous indie number that would throw even the stiffest of humans into a boogie. It’s a slice of pop joy as it bounces along with horns and harmonising vocals lifting the chorus up.

As an album, ‘How To Steal The World’ is an album that may lead with an indie feel but it is pop at its core. With the type of songs that would usually take a team of people to write for a pop act, Red Rum Club craft songs that will equally bring a smile to people’s faces and make them dance. It’s not hard to understand why Red Rum Club have such a great reputation as a live act when they have material like the Merseyside sound of ‘Summer Lover’ or the faux disco of ‘Night Calling’.

‘How To Steal The World’ was designed to be played loud and with a drink in hand so indulge them and let Red Rum Club lead you to the dancefloor.