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Role Model’s new single ‘A Little More Time’ is the artist’s most romantic release to date

Singer-songwriter Role Model has released his first music of 2023 with the guitar-driven love song, ‘A Little More Time’. Following the success of his debut album, ‘Rx’ ,released last year, Tucker Pillsbury has graced our ears yet again with the melodic number which demonstrates the diversity of his artistic abilities. 

Said to be his most romantic song to date, ‘A Little More Time’ navigates the feeling of stagnancy in life and “realising that your romantic partner is the motivating factor to escape the funk”. Sonically, the stripped-back song’s star instrument is Pillsbury’s acoustic guitar, joined later in the song by a strong beat, gentle backing vocals and additional delicate guitar playing which fills out the song into a melody which will stay in your head all day. 

The song opens with the lyrics that speak to the hopeless romantic within us: “In a city with no seasons, in a house that’s not a home, honey you’re the only reason, I don’t quite feel alone.”

The song release follows Role Model’s world tour last year “TOURx 2022”, which included major festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza and Reading & Leeds, wrapping up with a sold-out show at The Palladium in Los Angeles.

The song was released alongside a music video that was filmed, edited and co-directed by Pillsbury’s partner, Emma Chamberlain. Leaning into a DIY feel, with a minimal and intimate approach to the imagery, the video features scenes of Pillsbury playing his guitar atop mountains, in his bed and singing whilst smoking a cigarette by a pool. 

Amid a so-called ‘hard launching’ of Pillsbury and Chamberlain’s relationship, the song and video come alongside a Valentine’s Day issue in GQ Hype with the couple on the cover. After what is rumoured to be years keeping their relationship a secret, the song marks the pair stepping into the limelight with their love- the romantic gesture to melt even the coldest of hearts.  

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