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Let’s Eat Grandma’s Rosa Walton has released her second solo track, ‘Turning Up The Flowers‘, an uplifting pop song about being in love

Following up her debut hit single ‘I Really Want To Stay At Your House’ , Rosa’s new track is her second song exploring her own sound. 

Still reminiscent of Let’s Eat Grandma, Turning Up The Flowers is full of uplifting synths, soft vocals and poetic lyrics. “You are all around me / You are stronger than the daylight”, Rosa sings in the refrain: wholesome lyrics that make the listener feel held. 

You can imagine the track being played in a club or as the soundtrack to a movie about your life: it carries “main character energy” and gets the listener pumped up and feeling alive.

Rosa said the track is about the world feeling “very bright and alive”. She added : “It draws parallels between nature, light and connection between people, with the idea that they are all so intertwined and at the core almost all the same thing. It’s about both looking at nature and feeling close to someone you love, and nature looking more beautiful because of them.”

The song coincides with the release of the cross-platform anime action game, Honkai Impact 3rd and the official music video for the track was made by Radical Dreamer with footage from the game.

Listen to/Watch ‘Turning Up The Flowers’ here:

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