Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Color Study/Ultra Records

Fresh off the back of her therapeutic project of releasing a record covering the entirety of ‘The Bends’ by Radiohead, Rosie Carney has gone back to her song writing roots for her latest offering ‘i wanna feel happy’.

From the gentle swells at the beginning of ‘i hate sundays’, what follows is a track of beautifully intriguing vocals backed only by pulsating synth to set the mood. Previous single ‘break the ground’ comes next with its lush layers, delicate acoustic guitar and warming tones.

‘dad’ carries on this musical hot water bottle of flowing textures but a layer of distorted electric guitar ringing through the background elevates it while still maintaining that soothing feeling. ‘sugar’ starts with that sultry vocal and acoustic guitar combination but when the chorus hits, the chord progression seems to be a nod to late 90’s alt pop and it’s done beautifully.

‘chihiro’ and ‘ceiling’ continue the slow burn of acoustic folk by way of dream pop. It’s a sound that Rosie Carney excels in on ‘i wanna feel happy’ with each song combining Rosie’s beautiful voice with soothing acoustic guitar all wrapped up in layers of lush melodies, soundscapes and textures.

Taking influence from Taylor Swift‘s ‘Evermore’, Rosie has found a new found comfort in the folk genre and this comfort can be felt in every note. From beginning to end i wanna feel happy’ is more than simply a folk album. The textures are lush, the vocals delicate and the atmosphere surrounds you.

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