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The New Zealand based singer-songwriter Sabreen Islam returns with pop anthem ‘Count Me Out’

The singer-songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand returns with her new single ‘Count Me Out’, the third release in her trio pop songs. It follows the previous releases ‘Glow’ and ‘Like A Movie’, both of which are stellar pop tracks, taking influence from the likes of Maisie Peters and dodie.

The latest release ‘Count Me Out’ continues this sphere of pop influence with it’s catchy beat, soft yet commanding vocals, and contagious chorus. It opens with a mashed up piano that escalate towards the gentle vocals of Sabreen. Her vocals are a constant presence throughout ‘Count Me Out’ and one that is always welcome. They gently whisk the listener into a sense of calm, inviting them to listen to a wholly relatable tale. One of heartbreak and anguish and the sadness that comes with being stood up on a date, her lyrics spin the yarn in a truly beautiful yet simplistic way. This sunshine drenched release is also crisply produced by Sabreen, further boasting her skills as an artist. You cannot help but bop and jam to the sweet sounds that Sabreen Islam creates, it’s delightfully infectious.

We should all be watching Sabreen Islam with great interest, as if the quality of music remains this high, there is no doubt she will find international success.

Listen/watch ‘Count Me Out’ here:

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