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George Ward
George Ward

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Alt-pop singer/songwriter/model/artist Sam Austin drops lush and confident new indie-pop single ‘Matador

Sam Austin’s music screams confidence. When you learn of his difficult upbringing, being bullied ruthlessly and living homeless, you want him to succeed more than anything. 

Matadorsounds like this success and, after supporting Vince Staples, Danny Brown and many others, it is well earned. The track literally opens with a fanfare, setting the tone for the dramatic but fun metaphor of a relationship mirroring a bullfight. These trumpets return towards the end of the track and it is these exciting moments and ideas that lift Sam Austin’s music above the rest of the indie pop scene. 

Throughout, Sam’s voice is very powerful while still remaining vulnerable, a combination of qualities that he explores with the matador imagery. His playful voice effortlessly belts the catchy choruses but he equally nails the hushed bridge too. 

Supporting this voice is the driving drum beat, dripping with lush pop production from Rodaidh McDonald (The XX, Hot Chip) while maintaining enough punch to match the powerful vocals. ‘Matadorhas everything you could want from a pop banger: a catchy chorus, exciting production and an inspiring popstar. 

Like the trumpets that usher the track in and dramatically see it out, Sam Austin doesn’t mess around. He enters, says what he needs to say and leaves, but not without a few dramatic flourishes to keep us coming back.

Listen to ‘Matadorhere:

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