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Sarla Salpa kick off their 2022 with the explosive new single ‘Somebody’

The indie pop band Sarla Salpa have been a relentless force since their formation on 2016. The band have spent hours on the road touring as well as a barrage of EP’s and single releases. The hard work has paid off as the band have been featured on hit TV shows such as Made In Chelsea, and had plenty of radio play, including BBC Radio 1.

Now the band kick off 2022 with their explosive, infectious, and fun single ‘Somebody’. It’s a huge statement and fantastic start to the year for the band. They’ve really come out swinging with this anthemic, chorus driven release. The track expertly blended modern indie with an 80’s vibe, creating something that is fresh yet nostalgic. Kicking off with the late 80’s keys that lead towards a swaying guitar and groovy bassline. Through the hip swinging beats comes the emotive vocals of Marcus Marooth, who drives the single home.

Speaking on the track Marcus explains: “’Somebody’ is a final goodbye to an old friend after 7 years together, it’s the summary of realisation that we weren’t meant to be and that we are both happier and better off where we are today. It’s a token of thanks and respect to what was as we both head down new paths and better lives. It’s also self reflective in my flaws in my past relationship and what I could’ve done better, what they deserved and simply weren’t getting. It’s my way of pushing her to find someone better than me and not lose confidence or faith in the world!”

Although the message is one of heartbreak, it shows that through the dark there is always light. A positive message that is not just felt lyrically but also through the music. It’s a daringly upbeat release that demands to be played on repeat.

Listen to ‘Somebody’ here:

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