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The Brighton based newbies Satellite Parliament start strong with their debut single ‘Seaside Soliloquy’

The lockdowns are over (for now) and the days of being refined to your home seem like a distant memory. Although it was a tough time for us all there were some positives, such as people coming together to create, in a way that perhaps has not been done before. One said creation was the forming of the band we’re speaking about today, Satellite Parliament.

Since forming in April 2021 the band worked hard at playing any show they could to generate enough money to hit the studio. Once that funds were together the band headed to the South Lanes Studio where they recorded their debut single ‘Seaside Soliloquy’. The debut release is an anthemic indie belter that shares similarities with the sound cultivated by artists such as Maximo park, The Vaccines, and The Libertines.

Seaside Soliloquy’ is a guitar driven track that is pushed forward by swaying guitars, sof percusion and warm vocals. It’s very relaxed sound that is wonderfully easy on the ears.

It’s a promising start from a band that have a bright future ahead of them, especially if they continue on this path of quality. Keep your eyes firmly peeled for Satellite Parliament as they’re oozing in potential.

Listen to ‘Seaside Soliloquy’ here: