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Available January 22nd via Riot Factory

Rating: 7/10


By Kieran Webber

For those wondering, Sauropod is a herbivorous dinosaur  and yes it is the large one with the long neck.

We are not here to talk planetology though and thus the Sauropod that we speak about is the  Oslo based trio, who choose the name because of all three band members being vegetarians and probably because they make a sizeable sound with their music.

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Their debut album ‘Roaring at the Sun’ is a construct of short bursts of madness and chaotic structure combining grunge/punk and garage rock.

The album drags a lot of influence from 90’s grunge with the crunching, heavy riffs worthy of Nirvana, the gravelly vocals from Jonas Røyeng with his occasional screeches are also deserving of Cobain/Grohl.

The opening track ‘You and me should leave together tonight’ is a playful yet turbulent number, followed by the much heavier ‘Winter Song’ which is just as playful but with more raw power.

The band really show their diversity on ‘Running Song’ which takes the tempo down, removes the electric guitar and replaces it with an acoustic, but this doesn’t stop the raw power coming out though the vocals, Røyeng vocals entwine peacefully with Kamillia Waal Larsen’s until he brings forward his painful howls.

One of the stand out tracks through this whole album is ‘Headphones’ as it is the one song that Larsen gets to really shine, a mischievous and spritely song that is full of energy that leaves you wanting more.

The LP finishes in a completely different tone than the explosive start with ‘On the Hill’  a quaint and melodic number relaxes the listener and helps with the acknowledgement of the end, the perfect way to end such an energetic and explosive ride is with peace and tranquility.

‘Roaring At The Storm’ is a fantastic debut for such a young and growing band, the album acts as a showcase to as what they are capable of, whether that be fiery riffs or tranquil melodies. Sauropod have proved that they can do both and they do it very well.