Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Label: Copper Feast Records

‘Heads Still Here’ is the sophomore album from three piece School Disco. From the first strains of ‘Poison’, it sounds like guitarist/ vocalist Rory Lethbridge has turned the fuzz up on his guitar and snapped the dial off. The dirge like bass and heavy drums match the tone and create a large slice of garage blues.

‘Echoes’ trips between the fuzzy blues of the chorus to a psychedelic verse of phaser laden guitar and multi layered vocals. School Disco still manage to maintain their brooding blues throughout the blend of genres. ‘Pay The Price ll’ takes this blend of psychedelia and garage blues and hits the accelerator. All blazing guitars and a flurry of drums, it just shows another string to School Disco’s bow.

Throughout ‘Heads Still Here’, the production remains raw and it almost sounds as though a microphone was placed in the middle of the room and School Disco just ripped through their set live in one take. Although they may touch on other genres such as the 60’s soft psychedelia of ‘Isolation Never Knows’ or the dark and theatrical ‘To Be A Friend’, the heart of ‘Heads Still Here’ is in the riffs which are both fuzzed within an inch of their lives. Blending 60’s era drug addled psychedelic pop with the dirtiest garage blues.

School Disco continue to impress with their second album and continue to smash speakers in the process.

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