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Sean David Christensen releases heartwrenching new single ‘I Miss The Old You’

The love song is a classic staple of any singer-songwriter all over the world. It is something that transcends cultures and languages. The human ability to craft their emotions of love and heartbreak into musical form is one that has no boundaries. Sometimes they can bring you tears, other times it will help you crack a smile, it depends on the listener. No matter what though, they’ll always invoke some from of emotion.

The L.A. based artist Sean David Christensen has recently released an alt-country ballad that encapsulates the above. The release (which is aptly named) ‘I Miss The Old You’ tells the tale of a relationship breaking down. it’s come to its end and both parties are falling/fallen out of love. It sees Sean questioning whether he misses the person he met, or if it is in fact, himself that has changed.

It’s a delightfully relatable story that is delivered by Sean’s soft yet emotive vocals, backed by the rambling guitar and brushed percussion. It invokes imagery of wandering solo through the American woods, trying to piece together the relationship. It’s truly a beautifully crafted song that is surrounded in a dazzling warmth.

The raw beauty and honesty that is found within Christensen’s writing is on full show during this release, boasting his masterful songwriting. You can’t but help get lost in this stunning slice of rambling Americana.

Speaking on the track Sean David Christensen explains: “I don’t think the lyrics are about a specific person. Maybe they are, unconsciously, and I’ll realize it years later. Maybe it’s about me?” Adding: “I do confess that I sink into heavy feelings when I sense a chapter is about to close and I’m about to lose someone for good. But the grief that comes with trying to hold on to somebody, or a memory of who you wanted them to be, is unbearable. I’ve felt that before.”

In addition to the single Sean also released the simple yet effective animated music video:

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