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Shigeto – Intermission EP out now via Ghostly Records
By Kieran Webber

Shigeto or Zach Saginaw, has finally taken a break from his endless hustle to update everyone on his current musical headspace. “I’ve been on the road for a long time now and also have been working on other projects,” he explains. With projects that include working on a new live ensemble arrangement, playing electronics in a jazz quartet, recording with Detroit rappers, and building a new studio.

Even with this busy schedule he managed to pump out a diverse and interesting piece of experimental electronica, the six track EP never fails to keep one amazed and interested.

‘Intermission’ is opened by “Pulse” – a seven-minute slow-builder with the famous glitchy percussions backed up by samples of voices and breathing creating an uneasy yet alluring environment.

“City Dweller” with a genre crossing jazz section to open up the song that blends into heavy bass backed up by repetitive synth not only opens your imagination to a futuristic chicago noir film but also allows you to step into a corridor of Saginaw’s mind which boasts what he is capable of when it comes to mixing genres and blending sounds.

The EP doesn’t shy away from diversity as each track provides something new and exciting as well as different to the track before, an example of this is the drastic change between “Gently” and “Do My Thing” both sitting at two ends of the ambience scale. One putting you into a sleep state trance the other into a focused state”.

“Need Nobody” manages to create the feeling of nothingness and musically creates the vibe of emptiness a powerful track that manages to do so without a single lyric which in it’s own right is genius, it also sounds like a song from the popular PC game FTL a game about floating in space with nothing around you.

The Intermission EP as a whole is almost a sample package, a taster if you will of just what Shigeto is capable of. Showing us just a slither of his capability, the naughty tease.