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Kieran Webber

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

The L.A based indie pop outfit have spent the last five years mastering and honing their sound. Taking clear influence from the likes of Angels and Airwaves, The 1975, and Vacation Manor. It’s indie-pop with a slight pop-punk edge with a soundscape that is expansive and ever interesting.

This is entirely present during the bands most recent release ‘Drown In A Rainbow’, arguably the bands most complete body of work (so far).

The LP opens with the ethereal yet upbeat ‘Dripping Colors’. A track that describes an intense acid trip that Anthony Fitzpatrick experienced, taking a deep dive into euphoria. It’s a bouncy indie-pop track that is layered in jangly guitars and captivating vocals. The breakdown in the middle boasts the bands ability to blend in elements of psychedlia to a genre that can be plain, making a single that is wonderfully memorable.

This is an atmosphere that is felt throughout the entire LP. Although the band sit comfortably in the indie-pop genre, one that is oversaturated, they’re able to maintain a certain freshness throughout their music.

The band shine when they push the boundaries of their sound, leaning into the more Angels and Airwaves soundscapes. This is particularly present in ‘Ultra Normal’ and ‘Close To You’, particularly the latter. The infusion of synths, layered guitar work and room-filling percussion creates a tight space for the vocals to take precedent. Here we see the bands songwriting soar as well, bringing us into their world of tortured love. It’s delightfully relatable (shoutout to all the romantics out there) and beautifully descriptive.

Another example of this is the track ‘Euphoria’, another stunning example of the bands plush soundscapes matched with excellent songwriting.

Overall, ‘Drown In A Rainbow’ is an ambitious release from the LA locals. It boasts their large, all-encompassing soundscapes whilst giving us a peak into their world of romanticism.

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