Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Bossi Records

Anglo-French four piece Sourface are following up on last year’s debut EP ‘Daytime’s Past’ with their new self titled EP. The pioneers of “Tropical Punk”, Sourface get things off to a suave start with ‘Terrified’ as the wandering bass lights the way for the lounge jazz funk fusion to slide in surrounded by a cloud of perfume. Guided out with a hint of youthful indie buoyancy, ‘A Bigger Splash’ soon softly makes its way in. The bass puts in overtime as the keyboards create the atmosphere with ringing tones. With a chorus refrain of “summer seems to make promises we both know it cannot hold”, Sourface show that they aren’t all serious.

‘Championship Cookies’ brings the summer funk vibes with the effortless strut of the guitar ringing over the top of the smooth drum work. ‘Puis Tu Verras’ rounds out ‘Sourface’ EP with summer terrace acoustic sweetness.

At times psychedelic and at times funk, Sourface truly are creating their own genre of “Tropical Punk” which radiates sunshine. Sliding between different genres while still grabbing that marguerita in its hand, Sourface’s music exudes summer.