Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: AWAL

‘Here Comes Everybody’ is the second album from Australian outfit Spacey Jane and, after releasing their debut during the covid outbreak, they are ready to release their latest record to a freer world.

‘Sitting Up’ gets things off to a summery start with a track that sits comfortably in the same indie bracket as Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Hunna but with a little bit more sunshine pouring out. ‘Lunchtime’ comes racing in with a rampant drumbeat powering along this slice of upbeat indie which belies the real message of a relationship ending. The call and response chorus is ready to be shouted back to the band from the middle of a raucous dancefloor.

Much of ‘Here Comes Everybody’ is driven by lyrics as much as by the riffs which really gives each song depth. Of the flowery ‘Lots of Nothing’, vocalist Caleb Harper says: “The song’s about the worst version of yourself, how hard it is to come to term with the parts you don’t like…it’s just an acknowledgement of how much it sucks” which is just one of the deeply relatable topics that are covered on this record.

The festival sized chorus of ‘Hardlight’ is a highlight of the album. With an almost 90’s indie feel to it, the chorus transcends the song and lifts it up from the speaker and into your heart. Even the somber and relatable lyrics of ‘It’s Been A Long Day’ with its talk of just having a day where you need quiet alone time is bolstered up by a sweet track that feels like a reassuring hug.

Throughout ‘Here Comes Everybody’, the vibes remain upbeat and uplifting musically while the lyrics keep it anchored in reality. Bringing some of that Australian sunshine to the speakers, Spacey Jane have made an album that is festival ready and as an instant indie gem.