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L.A based quintet Spanish Love Songs return with reimagining of ‘Losers 2’ & announce new LP

‘Losers 2’ is the latest single from Spanish Love Songs and it’s a taster of their new album ‘Brave Faces Etc’. ‘Brave Faces Etc’ is a reimagining and reworking of their 2020 album ‘Brave Faces Everyone’ which in the case of ‘Losers 2’, manifests itself as an acoustic reworking. The new LP will be available April 15th via Pure Noise Records.

It’s almost unrecognisable from the full throttle original but it gives the song new life and affords it the melancholy feel that matches the lyrics perfectly. With the guitar acoustic and the rest of the band a little more subtle, this song of small town life becomes more about the lyrics with the line “don’t you know you were born to die poor, man” landing a little heavier than the original.

As the track lifts a little half way through, it mirrors the optimism of the lyrics as vocalist Dylan Slocum sings of leaving town and finding something better. Recorded remotely in three different home studios, ‘Losers 2’ still maintains an intimacy and togetherness. The soft acoustic folk song at odds to their usual raucous emo style, it feels right for the band and the song and breathes new life in to the track.

Speaking on the reimagined track vocalist Dylan Slocum explained: “This version of the song takes it back to something more in line with the original demo, which was really just a simple protest style song. This was another song that we decided worked better by simplifying — we removed the wall of guitars and synths and let a much calmer, earnest version emerge. It was interesting to us, since it shifted the mood of the song from something angry into something more resigned, despite having the exact same lyrics and structure.” 

Sometimes an album of ‘reimagined material’ can fall a little flat but when it’s done as earnestly and beautifully as Spanish Love Songs are doing it, it’s a welcome addition to their catalogue.

Liste/watch ‘Losers 2’ here:

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