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The newly emerged Strange Dimensions arrive with their excellent debut single ‘The Dregs’

The first lockdown almost feels like an century ago, what a long few years it has been. However, out of the darkness there has been some light, and many of us headed towards our creativity for escape. One said example of this is the emerging of Strange Dimensions, a young band from Greenock, United Kingdom. Although still in their teen years, the band have created a sound that is on par with many of their peers. Dabbling within the indie genre the band bring an anthemic take on the sound, creating a memorable and fun experience through their music.

After a year of jamming and refining their sound, the have dropped their debut single ‘The Dregs’. Opening with a slow burning strum of the guitar, it quickly builds into a plucky, up-beat sound that is multi-layered in its delivery. This quickly opens up with the addition of the slacker-esque vocals. ‘The Dregs’ is a whirlwind of a release that offers just a taste of what the young band can create, it’s incredibly exciting.

It’s no wonder why the band have already secured a litany of festival appearances for 2022 and support slots for bands such as Spyres.

Listen to ‘The Dregs’ here:

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