By Kieran Webber

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sugarmoon are a relatively new band on the scene, having formed December 2019. It wasn’t long before whispers of their eclectic sound spread throughout their hometown of Bristol. Crafting a wonderfully nonchalant sound that is filled to the brim with 60’s sensibility. It’s a vintage sound that is reminiscent of The Beatles and The Mama & Papas.

In a short time the band made a real impact on their local scene. However, the lockdown came in and the current pandemic has put live music on hold. However, in spite of all this the band have managed to release their debut EP.

The EP kicks off with the titled track ‘The Only One’, an organ lead, sun drenched melody. Soft vocals dance with gentle percussion, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Although the band boast their more wild side with ‘It’s Not The End’, a jazz infused whiskey soaked number. Which boasts the sultry vocals of Sophie Jones. It’s a track destined to be in a Tarantino film, an effortlessly cool track.

Listen/watch ‘The Only One’ here:

Closing off the three track EP is melancholic ‘Cherry Pie’. Lennon-esque vocals push the song forward whilst an array of sax, keys, percussion and guitar rain down on the listener. It’s a large sound that is intoxicating.

The ‘Only One’ EP offers an insight into the diverse sound that Sugarmoon has to offer. Across the three tracks we see multiple sides to the band, each offering as enjoyable as the last. As time progresses it’s going to be fantastic to watch this band grow, they have huge potential.

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